David was a first-time home buyer, and definitely concerned…in fact, scared to death about the process of buying a home. I first met David from a friend who referred him to me. When we first met, he was very uneasy, skeptical, and had a lot of questions.

That’s when I introduced him to my Preferred Buyers Program. My program quickly answered his financial questions. Helped him zero-in on the perfect area and home…even showed him tips for making offers to save money.

Plus, my program helped make the process incredibly easy for David.

Within 37 days, David was a proud homeowner…now enjoying the luxuries of lower taxes, equity appreciation, and a place to call “home.” He also got a great financing arrangement – as part of my Preferred Buyers Program.

David thanked me for my guidance and trust. He is now delighted to refer new friends and colleagues to me.

When you notice someone talking about of buying or selling a home…it may be someone who is getting married soon/is having a child soon…can you please remember my commitment to excellent service and introduce me?

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